What is Permanent Make-up? Pigment is deposited into the skin through a series of needles. This is called micro-pigmentation. You may choose a natural enhancement or desire a fuller makeup look.
What method do you use? We use a rotary or digital machine. Soft Tap method is not practiced. I do not offer microblading but can do the hair stroke method as an alternative.
Is the procedure painful? Topical anesthetics are used to numb the area. For most women this is enough to keep them comfortable during the procedure. However if you feel like you have a low tolerance for pain or experience anxiety, you may want to seek additional medication from your physician to help make your experience more pleasant. Women with higher tolerance to the procedure get better results in one application.
How often do I need a touch up? Usually one touch up is needed for desired results. Over time your makeup will require touching up do to many factors. Most women touch up between 2-5 years.
How long does it take to heal? Normal healing can take up to two weeks. However you only need to follow your aftercare instructions for 5 days. Because everyone's skin is unique it may take longer for some women to heal. You cannot wear eye makeup for 5 days following eyeliner. You should expect swelling for 2-4 days after application. You will need to keep an ointment on the area during healing and use a sterile saline rinse. You may wash with mild soap and water.
Should I wear makeup to my appointment? A consultation is done to assure agreement of application prior to the procedure. It is always good to see how you are use to doing your makeup therefore you may wear it to your appointment.  However your face needs to be clean prior to application. You make take a photo of your desired results and come with a clean face.
What is a patch test? A test can be done prior to having PMU if you are concerned about allergic reaction to pigments. A small dot is placed behind your ear and watched for an undetermined period of time. In my practice I have not witnessed a confirmed allergic reaction. Pigments used are Hypo-allergenic.
What are the risks involved? Because it is an open wound, there is always a possibility of infection. Infections are rare but not obsolete. If you follow proper aftercare instructions you can insure a positive healing experience. Needles used are sterile & disposable. Our technicians are trained and certified in handling disposal of blood bourne pathogens and proper sanitation techniques. Permanent Cosmetics are considered permanent. You should be sure of your decision upon application. Removal is not only costly but can scar the area. It is normal to experience swelling, light bleeding and bruising  of the skin. Most women go about their normal routine following PMU application.
Can I drive myself home? You should be fine to drive unless medication was taken prior to application. Eyes will feel tired and heavy following eye liner application. You should bring sun glasses.
Payment? We currently accept cash or check. New services are $150-$175 and up and all touch up work is $75 up to 5 years if I did your original application.
How long does it take? Less than two hours per application.  This time includes your numbing time and consultation. It is important to be on time. If you are more than 15 minutes late you may be asked to reschedule.
How long have you been doing permanent make-up? I have been working as a PMU Technician for 19 plus years. I am very experienced and competent in my field.
How far are you booked out? Wait times can vary depending on the time of year. I may be able to get you in right away so call 801-836-5477!
Are you certified? Yes I am fully certified in Utah to own and operate a cosmetic tattooing facility. I follow all laws and regulations through Utah County Health Dept. My License is current to date.
Where are you located? 145 East Utah Avenue in Payson 84651 Exit 250 on I-15, 15 miles south of Provo.
What do I need to do to prepare for my appointment? Discontinue using lash enhancement products when you are interested in doing eye-liner. Lash extensions must be removed but can be reapplied 10-14 days after eye-liner. Contacts must be removed. glasses are recommended for the healing period. You may take a photo of your desired results and come with a clean face or draw it on the way you wear it. Bring sunglasses due to light sensitivity. Even though topical numbing agents are used you may choose to take additional medication to alleviate discomfort. Your tolerance is very important in achieving optimal results.
If you carry the cold sore virus and are doing lips you will want to get an antiviral prescription to avoid a break out during the healing process. Please bring in colors you prefer to wear on your lips.
If you use pencil in your eye brow area it is a good idea to see how you are used to doing them.
You may want to get your aftercare products: You will need an emollient based ointment that doesn't irritate your skin. I recommend aquaphor, A&D or just Vaseline. You may rotate with an antibiotic ointment if you choose to do so. Clean q-tips and Saline solution to rinse your eyes after.
I recommend taking benadryl and aleve prior to the eyeliner application. I find this helps with allergy side effects and discomfort. Your tolerance is very important to achieve best results.
Thank you so very much! I look forward to seeing you soon : )
Feel free to email further questions or concerns to: lightsneeze@msn.com
Text or call 801-836-5477

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