Permanent Cosmetics by Trudy
On Special Now Just $150 for Liner or Brows. Lips $175
Touch Up Work $75.00 up to 5 years

Full Lips /Lip Liner /Fade  or Blush Lip Technique / Hair Stroke Brows/ Solid Brows/Powder Brow or Feathering/ Thick Liner/ Lash Enhancement/ Thin Liner/ Eye Shadow and Second Color.
Correction Work / Areola Restoration

Remember: It is considered new if you need a touch up on someone else's work.
Touch up work is most always necessary to perfect the original application and maintain pigment over the years.

Other Services:
  • Areola Restoration
  • Training Courses Available
  • Correction Work
Did you get a bad job? We can help. Of course you can't erase Permanent Makeup, however there are things you can do to make it look more desirable.
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Because our skin is constantly exfoliating, Permanent Make-up requires touching up to keep it looking it's best. Usually a second application is needed at six weeks and is considered a touch up .Skin is pliable. Because it moves, swells and molds during application. Therefore any adjustments to shape or color may be necessary to achieve best results. Over time you will need additional touch up work. If your color is faded, or is changing, you need to schedule an appointment. Everyone's skin holds color differently due to many factors.Most women touch up their make-up every 2-5 years for maintenance.
Choosing the right technician is very important. I am very experienced in my field performing over 15,000 applications. My work is consistently successful. I am very competent and confident in my field.
Thank you for your cooperation and continual business! Trudy
For questions call or text:
I am happy to awnser any further questions!
801-836-LIPS (5477)
Please leave a message if you get my machine.
I return calls frequently.
Thank you!

Permanent Cosmetics by Trudy LLC
Fall Special In Effect
Lips $175/ Eye Liner $150/ Eye Brows $150
(Touch up work will remain $75 within 5 years
After 5 years, new prices resume.)
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What is Microblading?
Microblading is a less permanent form of permanent make up that is done with a hand tool and made to assimilate the appearance of hair. It is the old soft tap method that has been reformulated and given a new name. I feel that it is a great option for those with good hair growth to enhance a more perfect brow. In my opinion I don't think it is something for everyone. If you have little hair growth it looks great upon deposit because the tissue swells and looks raised on the skin giving it a more realistic appearance of hair. However as it heals I am seeing huge changes in the after pictures and the final appearance. I choose not to offer micro-blaing but I do offer hair strokes which are similar but have more density and can be more permanent. If you feel microblading is the best option for you, just like with any service be sure to choose a reputable technician. The results can be very permanent and difficult to correct.